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Foot Reflexology60

  • 1 h
  • 55 British pounds
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet as a map, or mirror, of the whole body, applying different amounts of pressure to the feet . It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. By manipulating, and applying pressure to certain parts of the fee, the whole body can be ''re-tuned'' and brought back into balance. Similar to acupuncture, reflexology targets pressure points that are assigned to different areas in your body, addressing and preventing any issues throughout the body — like sore muscles and chronic illnesses — sans needles. Like other TCM practices, reflexology is all about returning balance to your body's flow of energy, also known as Qi. The aim is to stimulate the body's own healing process in order to keep it in homeostasis, or in a homeodynamic i.e. balanced. It is a holistic therapy which means that it works on the principle that the whole person must be treated; if one area of the body is out of balance then other areas will be. It encourages both relaxation and stimulation: the first helps the body rebuild its energy resources and recover from ilness and disease whereas the second helps activate the circulation and the nervous system, making both more efficient and thus benefiting the body as a whole. It's a foot massage? Not exactly.It uses massage techniques but, unlike massage, reflexology works with the feet as anatomical'maps' of the whole body. By applying pressure to one part of the foot, the reflexologist aims to benefit not only the feet but also the rest of the body. Is it a medical treatment? No, but it helps mantain and restore health, helping hand for the body's self-healing process. What is foot reflexology good for? Pain relief, nerve stimulation, blood flow, migraine relief, and so much more can be achieved through reflexology. And in the absence of abnormalities, reflexology may be as effective for promoting better health and preventing illness, as it may be for relieving the symptoms of stress, injury and improving your mood.

Cancellation Policy

A charge will be applicable for candidates without 48 hour's notice. -if you give 48 notice no penalty will be incurred. -if you cancel less than 48 hour's you will may loose that session -usually 1 session can be rescheduled according of our both availability

Contact Details

+44 74359 20548

Sherston, UK

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