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A Selection of Beauty Treatments

Facials, Manicures and Pedicures

''Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul.''

Facial Treatment
Skin Care


Rebuilds collagen and repairs damage to the skin caused by sunlight, aging, and daily exposure to pollution. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and the maintenance of healthy skin and blood vessels.


Reduce fine lines, minor scars, wrinkles and age spots, and make the skin smoother and younger looking.

DermaQuest collections provide luxury care, rich in botanical stem cells, peptides & vitamins, with hydrating & protective ingredients that are vital for maintaining skin integrity.

Manicures & Pedicures

This treatment includes hands and feet nail soak, trim, shape, cuticles, CND VINYLUX or CND Shellac colour of your choice, cuticles oil.

Discover the basic or the luxurios treatment.


CND VINYLUX a long-wear polish formula is infused with Vitamin E, Keratin and Jojoba Oi to condition and strengthen the nails, creating a healthy base for smooth colour application. Lasting for up to 7 days, the polish helps to minimise the drying and damaging effects associated with regular nail polish wear. This resilient, chip-resistant formula will become your new go-to polish for healthy nails and high-shine colour.

CND Shellac Gel - the biggest revolution in the beauty industry. Durable like a Gel, but as easy to apply as standard nail polish with a minimum of 14 days of flawless shine to 21 days.

Manicured Nails
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