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Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is better known as a hands-on healing technique, where a healer lays her hands on the parts of the recipient's body that are in pain or require healing.  It is based on the channelling of energy (ki) and was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th early 20th Century.  Reiki roughly translates as 'Universal Life Energy'.  

Mikao Usui Sensei, a Buddhist monk, developed a method of connecting with this energy and channelling it through to himself and to others.  Reiki was first and foremost a practice for personal development, based on mindfulness, mediations and energy 'exercises".  Reiki allows people to align at a deep soul level with their own inner purpose through recognition of one's own divine nature; but, since its beginnings in Japan, Reiki has also evolved into a very effective healing method worldwide.  Reiki is nowadays recognised as a powerful healing practice, while at the same time maintaining its original profound spiritual meaning. 


When you receive a treatment I channel Reiki to flow into your body according to your specific needs on any given occasion. My purpose is to create a healing space that you can use to bring your own energy system into balance; as such Reiki promotes self healing to occur even after the session is over. Reiki seems to have an intelligence of its own, flowing where it is needed and creating the ideal healing conditions.

During the treatment you will be fully clothed, while I gently place my hands directly on or above different areas of your body and head. The sensations experienced during a treatment are very personal and change from one person to the next, but you will likely experience some heat or tingling, a deep sense of relaxation and perhaps see bright colours and light behind your closed eyelids.

A Reiki treatment usually lasts one hour, but it can be flexible based on your needs and requirements. During the first appointment I will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable discussing your specific needs and setting a vision for your healing. I will also take your medical history to inform the sessions of any areas that need particular attention on a physical, emotional or mental level.

Because of the non-locality of energy and the interconnectedness of all, Reiki also works via distant healing. If you feel this is your preferred option do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and to get clarity of how Reiki works at a distance.​

The effects

  • Healing hands

  • After Reiki treatments you will feel calmer, less stressed and better able to cope with the challenges of life. Reiki boosts energy levels, raises your spirits, and makes you feel more positive about life, while stressful situations will seem to wash over you. 

    Reiki is very effective and the positive effects of the treatment tend to build up cumulatively. Four to six sessions are usually enough to bring positive changes in cases of stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness; whereas physical problems may take longer to resolve, depending on the gravity.

    Some of the long-term beneficial changes that you may experience are:

  • relief of pain and discomfort;

  • improved recovery from traumatic injuries;

  • balanced body energy and increased vitality;

  • ​anxiety and chronic stress release;

  • strengthened immune system;

  • improved sleep patterns and relaxation;

  • deepening of spiritual connection.​ ​


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