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Head Massage

Lying on the bed is offering more comfort and relaxation. Covering decollete & face and taking the pressure from neck and shoulders will bring you relaxation and comfort.




How can Indian Head Massage help me?

Indian Head Massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits. It aims to both relax and stimulate to leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

The physical benefits include:

• breaking down of local muscular tension,
• relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness,
• promotion of hair growth,
• stimulation and improvement of circulation and lymph drainage,
• relief from tension headaches, eyestrain, earache, jaw ache, sinus congestion

The mental benefits include:

• promoting a sense of calm and relaxation
• releasing anxiety
• improving concentration
• easing mental tiredness and stress

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension can give birth to many serious ailments. However, massage is a great way to feel calm and rejuvenated. As per studies, getting a head massage regularly can lower your stress hormone levels and also keep your blood pressure levels normal, thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks or strokes.

Lowers Stress
is a major problem nowadays. Stress can further lead to other health complications such as digestive issues, insomnia, etc. However, a head massage can help lower it. Improved blood circulation leads to a calm and relaxed mind. Massaging also helps improve energy levels, lower the pain, and improve overall physical and mental well-being.

What happens in a session?

At your first treatment, I’ll take a full medical history and details about your lifestyle and dietary habits, and then we’ll chat about your general sense of wellbeing and your reasons for coming. I’ll ask you where in particular you feel tension in your back, shoulders, neck or head and face, so that I can tailor your session accordingly.

In follow up sessions we have some time to catch up on any progress you’ve made or any current conditions you might have. I’ll then put together a treatment plan for future sessions.

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